Smart Contract Technical overview

  • CRC (Core Request for Comment), CIP (Core Improvement Proposal) describe standards for the Core platform
  • Including Core Protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards.
  • Built on Ylem Smart Contract programming language with Comet Software to initiate a built in fully fledged
  • Turing-complete language to deploy, develop Ðapps, and test on local testnet
  • Twisted Edwards curve; Edwards-448;224-bit //Spinal Tap-grade// security level.
  • Core Blockchain is using self-organized systems — Boids — to transact and route the data.
  • HD Wallets deriving keys from common seeds for easy backups and privacy including Shamir backups
  • Custom IBAN Address structure with error detection and financial standards
  • Indirect Addresses Protocol (IAP): intermediary Smart Contract Architecture with asset registries integrated
  • Connecting the World using Oracles and injecting Financial instruments onto Smart Contracts.
  • Such Smart Contracts can serve as collateral for any Stable Token and or Stable Coin.


Core Token is a utility token that can be used in several payment executions:

  • Peer to Peer for public
  • Services to serve in transactional execution, secure data protection, traceability and transparency for Governments, Businesses, Organizations and consumers. All Core Group’s services and use cases are payable in Core Token
  • Core Token being the facilitator of services has a unique algorithm calculator which also rewards people of all ages to earn an income. This algorithm outcome is based on participation and effort that uniquely provides an income on several platforms such as Wallace, TiNG, TokToKey and more.
  • Payments are done with or without internet connection using the Luna Mesh Network.
  • Payments are connected to multiple Crypto Currencies as well as FIAT.
  • Payment Splitting is done using the Ylem programming and indirect Addresses.
  • Core Token is supporting and facilitating Security tokens which are backed by digitized assets such as commodities, metals, transactions, insurance premiums, etc.

API / Oracle Connectors

Core Token is the custodian of all API connectors to all Core Blockchain Network Oracles, Core Group Services, and use cases which will be the driver of the value of Core Token as Core Token is required to connect. The Connectors are built in several languages such as:

  • Golang
  • JavaScriptNode.js
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Java
  • Dart
  • Others can be built on request

Oracle connectors communicate and interact through Ylem Smart Contracts between long-term established applications and modern Blockchain systems

Validation and Verification

explanation:Core Token is the Smart Contract platform service provider behind CorePass, a blockchain based Digital Identity. The Core Smart Contractallows for execution, transmittance of data and verification of records. CorePass is the digital registration platform for the entire suite of Core Group services and use cases and other 3rd party implementations

The CorePass digital identity identify individuals, legal entities, products, services, location and logistics to operate and execute in Ðapps and blockchain environments

explanation:Core Token ensures that digital identities are secure, tracked, traced and tamper proof. Any unique verification requires a Core Token Smart Contract and Core Tokens as payment for identification and verification

CorePass is integrated with more than 50 databases and provides full KYC with AML, PEP, CFT, Interpol, Europol, etc for verification of identities operating within a decentralized environment.

explanation:CorePass is also used to verify ownership of Assets, Commodities, Financial Instruments, Debts, Certified Valuations, Custody, Location etc. Here Core Token Smart Contracts uses the Ylem programming and indirect Addresses to verify, confirm ownership and confirm transfer of ownership

Asset Digitization

Core Token can be applied in:

  • Banking Environments
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Asset Management
  • Documentary Credits and cross-borrder shipments
  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Government Services
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Identity
  • Ecommerce
  • Payment Gateways
  • Exchanges
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Transport / Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Stable Token / Stable Coin

Core Token uses programmable Smart Contracts to operate on decentralized applications backed by Blockchain while respecting the current legal structures and financial regulations.

Core Token facilitates transfer of ownership of anything of value through any exchange, primarily Ping Exchange, and any other decentralized exchanges.

Core Token is the enabler to an entire tokenized world revolutionizing shareholding and right of choice along with ownership and control, truly decentralizing everything around us.

Interoperability and Enterprise

Core Token’s divers ecosystem provides an interoperable platform for blockchain, cross-chain and sidechain projects, with different protocols and cryptographic structures, offering a variety of applications to serve the needs of the digital world with specific reference to:

  • Supply chain solutions that require integration with:
    • IoT devices and edge gateways
    • E-commerce and other marketplace applications with multiple functionality.
  • Banking use cases for:
    • Integration with the API based enterprise financial systems
    • Originating payment transactions to/from the blockchain.
  • Manufacturing use cases for integration with their ERP systems.

Core Token’s secure and standardized integration mechanism for interoperable blockchain applications are leveraged to adopt any common set of standards and specifications based on:

  • The characteristics and attributes of tangible and intangible digitized objects
  • Its cryptographic classification of such objects as fungible and non-fungible.