A Resourceful Utility Token

Exchange value or pay for operational services

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What is Core Token?

Core Token is used as a form of payment, a facilitator, an initiator, a verifier, and an executor in all services supported by the Core ecosystem.

What you need to know


The Core Token creates a natural high demand from the date of release, increasing the value through the limitation of supply being 1,000,000,000 CTN.

Core Token has 18 decimal places to manage facilitation in high demand and limited supply.

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What defines core token

The main aggregators of Core Token


Ability to connect Blockchain to governments, businesses, and the general public.


Facilitating between decentralized and centralized applications.


Utility token characteristics are used for payments, exchanging value, and services.


Programmable execution support for consumers, businesses, organizations, regulators, and governments for daily use.

Core Blockchain


The Core Group service offering is built on the Core Blockchain network.

The network is raising the bar with its ED448 cryptographic security and its fast, scalable and interoperable systems platform, allowing any other blockchain, side chain, and permitted chain, or a centralized platform to utilize all service offerings within the Core Group platform.

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