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This feature rich decentralized application will be your singular digital identity for all services developed by Core Group and several other global intagrations. CorePass is a decentralized mobile application driven by the Core Blokchain Network and Smart Contracts which will help you to track and trace your identity, its usage, authenticity and security


A Self-sustainable, income generating, borderless entertainment and communications solution. TiNG is a decentralised peer to peer borderless video streaming platform that allows viewers and content creators to reach audiences globally without the need for strong internet connectivity. Watch, stream, interact and talk anywhere in the world. The platform prohibits annoying forced commercials before and during videos. Gamify videos with multiple outcomes and interact with your viewers directly


A hybrid trading platform for virtual currencies, tokens, security tokens, commodities and assets. The multi-paltform blockchain based exchange can be used on mobile, tablet, desktop, kiosk, POS terminals, anywhere an API connection can be integrated. All funds are securely stored in cold storage wallets to keep all clients reassured that their funds are safe and always available


In the Luna Mesh topology there is no central connection point. Instead, each node is connected to at least one other node which is connected to multiple other nodes. Each node is capable of sending encrypted blockchain based messages to and from other nodes. The multiple Luna Mesh nodes act as relays, passing or hopping on messages towards their final destination


CorePay is a feature-rich software payment gateway with many use-cases. Using our solution, sellers are capable of accepting anything of value as consideration for a transaction, including FIAT currency, Cryptocurrency, and even Barter swaps. Some applications worth mentioning are in eCommerce, Point-of-sale applications, Donation remittance, general money remittance and more


Wall Money is a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform that extends banking outside traditional banking branches or channels. Users may transact through mobile, tablet, desktop, web and/or decentralized point-of-sale terminals. Clients have access to our full suite of seamlessly integrated FIAT currency, cryptocurrency, and digital asset platforms


TokToKey is a Blockchain based eCommerce platform with an immediate call to action feature. The mobile and web application provides a “see-now-buy-now” ability through content recognition and product browsing, with comparisons. The system also supports a conventional eCommerce desktop application for normal online shopping, with full merchant/store management facilities. Multiple merchants can be paid instantaneously with a single transaction in the currency of their choice


Blockchain Asset Management, Supply Chain and Financial Accounting platform with tracking, tracing, auditing and analysis in mind. The platform focuses on modular custom dashboards where rules and business flows can be seamlessly integrated into post processing systems


Wallace is a humanitarian liquidity blockchain based community network. Built on Core Blockchain and mesh technology. Wallace is a self-sustainable decentralized ecosystem with a 98% global reach, making it the only blockchain based network with access for everyone in the world to a fully inclusive digital economy. Wallace provides health, education, social, financial services rewarding the Wallace Community with access to stable income and job opportunities, regardless of geographical position


The Santiliana project is a fuel distribution network, an established successful business for more than 20 years in Romania. It operates high volume, serviced, modular micro diesel and/or gasoline filling stations. The locations are carefully selected to ensure high volume turnover of stocks in 3 to 4 days. All operations and business sales processes, fiscal governance and administration, are fully implemented on the Core Blockchain Network and the Core Token Smart Contract Platform


MMUN: A year-long collaborative experience. Students Ages 9-15 Interact Globally to Create Solutions to Current World Issues Using the Format of the United Nations.


Metallum is a blockchain-based metals trade ecosystem. Metallum is as a collaborative digital marketplace with analytical features linked to the metals supply chain from production processes, assaying, trade financing, warehousing, logistics, shipping, delivery etc. The P2P trading platform closes deals cost effectively and automate trusted business confirmations instantly using the secure Core Token Smart Contract Platform